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One needs to have a sense of curiosity. Interview with Thomas Phifer

[PL] Zofia Maria Cielątkowska: You spoke a lot about energy of Warsaw. Where or how do you see this?

Thomas Phifer: I've been coming to Warsaw for more than a year now. I feel incredible energy there, almost like a renaissance. These two buildings are going to be the voice of Warsaw, and the voice of Poland. I feel an energy that is new, fresh and invigorating. I hope these two buildings will express this kind of extraordinary renaissance.

The best archeology stays under earth. Conversation with Akram Zaatari

[PL] Zofia Chojnacka: Film "Letter to a Refusing Pilot" has been shown till now in some prestigious art institutions, such as: Biennial in Venice (première in the Pavilion of Lebanon, curated by Sam Bardaouil and Till Fellrath ˗ Art Reoriented), MOMA in New York, Salt in Istanbul, Moderna Museet in Stockholm (currently on view until August 16th) and at the film festivals in Rotterdam and Ann Arbor.

Art is always about not being understood. Interview with the curators of the Gustav Metzger retrospective

[PL] Zofia Maria Cielątkowska: Until August 2015 the Centre of Contemporary Art in Toruń will showcase a retrospective of Gustav Metzger, "Act or Perish!", then in November 2015 it will be presented in a slightly different version in Kunsthall and Kunstnernes Hus in Oslo. The first impression is that, as viewers, we are moving through a clear historical narration; it starts with paintings and drawings from the 50s - which are presented here for the very first time and I'm really glad to see them.

A change in a society struck by crisis: an interview with Francis Alÿs.

[PL] ZOFIA MARIA CIELĄTKOWSKA: Let's start with the main movie of the exhibition "REEL-UNREEL" (2011), which I think might be interpreted on different levels. The first level could be described as political, and is connected with the fact that Talibans on the 1st of September 2001 confiscated and damaged reels from the Afghan Film Archive. On the other level - as the celluloid of the movie very literally absorbs the dust of the city streets - we can find a story about the movie itself. This mechanism of absorbing, reminds me of your previous work "Zapatos Magneticos" (1994) - in which you walk with magnetic shoes.

Dave Hickey departs for the second time

Art slows life down. Criticism slows art down. They both help.

- Dave Hickey, Facebook post on 11 September 2014



On "A Summary"

[PL] It is perhaps safe to assume that the heated atmosphere around the violent and extended conflict between the Director of the Ujazdowski Castle and its employees has calmed down. In the final days of his office, Fabio Cavallucci has written " A Summary", published in the CCA's magazine "Tranzystor"; now, in response to his request, we publish it in "Obieg" as well. The time has come to reflect on whether we are able to draw conclusions from this past conflict, so that the energy spent in its course is not wasted.

A summary

[PL] Four years ago, when I arrived in Poland to direct the Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle, I declared I was here not to teach but to learn. The high quality of Polish art, whose main representatives since the ‘seventies at least I was familiar with ; the evident support given to culture by the public administrations; the widespread participation of the people which would shortly lead to the signing of the Pact for Culture with the Prime Minister Donald Tusk: these were all clear signals which raised the cultural commitment of this country to a higher level than that of many other European states. Now I am leaving this place I would like to sum up some of the things I think I have learned.