Seminarium o sztuce w przestrzeni publicznej

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W Instytucie Filozofii i Socjologii PAN w Warszawie dr Ewa Majewska będzie w semestrze jesiennym prowadzić seminarium w języku angielskim:

Seminar. The public and art. Ways of engaging in the public sphere, proletarian or counterpublics in Poland 1968-2014.

The aim of the course is to discuss theories of the public sphere created within 20th century political philosophy (Habermas, Kluge, Fraser, Berlant, Matynia and others) and apply them in analysis of the political transformations of the public in Poland from 1960's until the last years. This will allow us to rethink artistic practices over the last 50 years (starting with Teresa Murak in the 1960's, Ewa Partum in 1980s and Joanna Rajkowska in 1990s/2000s) and different forms of the public, which - like „Solidarność" in the 1980s or the queer parades in the 2000s have transformed the public sphere in Poland. This interdisciplinary course will combine lectures and seminar method, guest lecturers and discussion in order to strenghten the knowledge of theories of public, public art, feminist critique and queer interventions.

Patterns Lectures Series

WILL BE held in English at:The Graduate School for Social Research, Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of the Polish Academy of Science, Pałac Staszica, Warszawa, (SNS PAN), room 200.

Dates (all Sundays) 19.10; 26.10; 16.11; 30.11; 14.12; 11.01; 25.01 (SUNDAYS) at: 14.00-17.00

Office hours: sundays 19.10; 14. 12 and 25. 01 at 17.15 - 18.15 + 1 meeting in the winter session

The seminar is open to public, but in order to provide enough space, we kindly request to inscribe at:


1 semester (fall 2014/2015)

19.10.2014 - Introduction to the concept of Public Sphere. On the intersection of art and social philosophy.
This is an introduction to the whole seminar - we will reconstruct the key lines of thinking about the public sphere in philosophies before Habermas and into the key presumptions of his concept of the public sphere. The intersection of art and social philosophy will be presented as a necessary modification of the concept of the public sphere, together with concepts of the counterpublics, as they were developped by Kluge, Negt, Fraser, Berlant and Werner.

26.10.2014 - The Habermassian concept of Public Sphere and it's discontents.
Guest Lecture by: dr Przemysław Pluciński, Zakład Historii Gospodarczej UAM, Poznan, Poland.

16.11.2014 - The Public Sphere and the City.
Guest Lecture by: dr Krzysztof Nawratek, School of Architecture & Design in Plymouth, England.

30.11.2014 - Art in Public. Joanna Rajkowska' s "Minaret", difference and public sphere.
Guest Lecture by: dr Monika Bobako, Pracownia Pytań Granicznych UAM, Poznan, Poland.

14.12.2014 - Feminist counterpublics. Body, intimacy, gender and the public/ private divide.
Guest presentations by artists: Ewa Partum - artist, Poland, Aleka Polisiewicz and Joanna Rajkowska, artist, Warsaw, Poland (TBC)

11.01.2014 - The proletarian counterpublics revistited. Public art, creative labor and multitude.
Guest Lecture by: dr Kuba Szreder, Loughborough University, School of the Arts, England.

25.01.2014 - Queer Counterpublics and Art.
Guest Lecture by: prof. Paweł Leszkowicz, Instytut Historii Sztuki UAM, Poznan and dr Tomasz Kitlinski Wydział Filozofii i Socjologii UMCS Lublin, Poland.

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The seminar will also be held in fall semester 2015/16, with such guests as Judith Revel, Antonio Negri , Jeffrey Goldfarb, Andrzej Leder and others).