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[...] of “femininity” in the society, will be held at the Visual Culture Research Center (Kyiv) from November 19 to December 21. Today we live [...]

The American Woman‘s Old Clothes: On Fashion, Nation, Suffrage, and Pop-Culture at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York ARTMIX29.07.2011

[...] fashion as an element of the cosmopolitan consumer culture of the upper classes with the assertion that consumption constitutes an [...] her exhibits with considerable success. The choice of the visual medium - photographs or motion pictures - in such a case makes a [...]

The best archeology stays under earth. Conversation with Akram Zaatari ENGLISH13.07.2015

[...] they shared so much with; more than they thought. Popular culture has so much power providing those things people share across geography [...] archives of the Arab Image Foundation in Beirut. Film is a visual essay on your lasting 16 years of research of the archive of Studio [...]

Stare szaty Amerykanki. O modzie, narodzie, emancypacji i pop-kulturze w Metropolitan Museum of Art w Nowym JorkuARTMIX29.07.2011

[...] Museum of Art, 1993); Debora Silverman, Selling Culture: Bloomingdale's, Diana Vreeland, and the New Aristocracy of Taste in [...] (Stanford, CA: Iris & B. Gerald Cantor Center for Visual Arts at Stanford University, 2004); Steven Escar Smith, Catherine A. [...]

Sztuka i seksualna dysydencja w Rosji PREZENTACJE18.03.2014

[...] i lesbijskich par na Ukrainie. Wystawa odbyła się w Visual Culture Research Center w Kijowie jako część biennale Arsenale 2012. [...]

Reaktor społecznej kulturyOBIEG.TV11.04.2013

[...] Савадов; SOSka Group; Centrum Kultury Wizualnej / Visual Culture Research Center / Центр візуальної культури; Wołodymyr [...]