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Zagadkowe przestrzenie tożsamości RECENZJE19.06.2009

SPECIAL FEATURES, BWA AWANGARDA Nie możemy widzieć tego, co chcemy [...] i słownego. Najnowszy projekt Wojtka Doroszuka, Special Features , wykonany specjalnie dla Galerii Awangarda, był przewodnią [...]

The American Woman‘s Old Clothes: On Fashion, Nation, Suffrage, and Pop-Culture at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York ARTMIX29.07.2011

[...] would be worth recommending. This event, however, deserved special attention for its educational and political aspects, for its attempt to [...] her as: "tall and slender with long limbs, classical features, and thick dark hair caught up in a chignon". The [...]

A Paralysing EncounterENGLISH25.04.2010

[...] of a dream, Krauss would look for significant features of incomplete visibility, she would follow the concealed movement of [...] in the 1960s, i.e. when the artist's works assumed a special distinction), finding in her art elements foreign to this canon will [...] ensuring that a rational (intuitive) subject plays a special role in learning and creating the world. 8 "I would always [...]

Art is always about not being understood. Interview with the curators of the Gustav Metzger retrospectiveENGLISH24.04.2015

[...] Even if there is a small space, it will be something very special and particular. We would also like to go deeper into his public-art [...] Auto-Creative. In this sense, it reflects some of the main features of the industrial and capitalist society in which production is [...]

Gra SpojrzeńRECENZJE10.11.2009

[...] do wcześniejszych realizacji fragmentów filmowych - Special features (2009). Jednocześnie na wystawie można obejrzeć ukończone, [...]

Contemporary art - you can afford it! Agata Mazur interviews Beatrice HodgkinENGLISH12.10.2011

[...] Sometimes you can overlook things and they are the most special ones. It's like that track that you heard on the radio and you liked it [...] how to understand the financial mechanisms. The book features also art fair diary and introduces few collector's stories. [...]

Sport, arts and social inclusion. Call for projects. Consejo Superior de Deportes + IdensitatOGŁOSZENIOWY22.08.2010

[...] or promote projects based on sporting subjects and with special orientation towards social questions. 3-Hybrid projects arising from [...] for their contribution of distinctive and innovating features will be awarded with 1.000 Euros. 2- Project laboratory Call [...]